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Our Most Accurate Online Psychics 

Psychic Susan
Psychic Susan is a natural born Psychic and Clairvoyant. She uses limited tools which helps her pick up names and dates.
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$2.99 min. $1.00/min*

Psychic Tina
Psychic Tina is a true Psychic Reader who will always give you the truth. 100% Honest and Accurate. Call now...
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$1.99 min. $1.00/min*

Psychic Star
God Gifted Psychic & card reader. Star accuracy in her reading are incredible. She's truly a gifted psychic.
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$1.99 min. $1.00/min*

Psychic Michael
Psychic Michael is Clairvoyant psychic and medium. Michael psychic readings are 5 star quality.
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$4.99 min. $1.00/min*

Psychic Mia
Psychic Mia readings are accurate, uplifiting and warm to the heart. A Psychic with a no judgement zone...
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$3.49 min. $1.00/min*

Psychic Jessica
Psychic Jessica is a true Psychic Reader who will always give you the truth. 100% Honest and Accurate. Call now...
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$2.99 min. $1.00/min*


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 The Emotion Link offers 24/7 online psychic service. Receive a psychic reading by phone any time of the day.

 All Psychic Readings are professional, warm and caring. Every Psychic Readings will help you understand your situation with their third eye.

 The Emotion Link created a loyalty program were you can earn Emotion Link bucks. You can also earn FREE psychic readingsFirst Time Callers receives a full reading for only $1/min. The Emotion Link Psychic Readers have at least over 10 years of experience and highly Accurate. Read our update - to - date testimonial from happy customers. 


The Emotion Link offers a great deal for all our new clients who are looking for quality Psychic Readings: Get a 10-minute online Psychic Readings for only $1/min! You can’t beat this amazing deal! The Emotion Link offers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed to all new clients. Sign up with The Emotion Link now to get started on your online Psychic Readings! Get prepare and a hold on your future. 

The Emotion Link offers the most accurate online Psychic Readings. The Emotion Link offers affordable psychic readings. All of the psychic readers are caring and understanding. Our online psychic readers specializes in Psychic Readings online, love and relationship readingscareer and financial reading, Tarot Cards readings, Medium psychic readings, accurate Clairvoyant readings, numerologylove horoscopes, past life/ Spiritual readingsPet Psychic readings and much more.

The Emotion Link test and pre-screens all the online psychic readers. When The Emotion Link tests the online psychic readers, they are testing them for their speed, predictions skills, and accuracy levels. The Pre-screening process helps us to make sure that the Psychic Readings are authentic. The Emotion Link takes out all of the guesswork for in finding your perfect psychic reader.

The Emotion Link makes sure that every call will be your BEST Psychic Reading. The Emotion Link matches you with the best online psychic reader. All of The Emotion Link online psychic readers have been certified. Getting a reading by a certified psychic reader puts the confidence in your online Psychic Reading.






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Read what people are saying about The Emotion Link

"I love this site! My advisor was awesome!! She was right on with everything she said...there is NO way anyone could have known the stuff she said. My advisor is gonna be my psychic for now on. Thank you Emotion Link!" -Belina28

"Hi, Emotion Link... I would also like to say that I love the Emotion Link. I love the readers that you have on there. I am a repeat client. I would also like to state that I am happy to get an email from you, the president of the company, that's really nice. I am hoping that the Emotion Link is around for a long time because it is the only site I trust." -ambulances07

"I have been using this site for a little over two years now. I just love it. Emotion link is the only site that I trust." -miami

"The customer service team is great. They are fast and makes me feel comfortable." -believer0979

"I tried your emotion link services last night and I loved it! The lady I spoke to was nice and helped. I could only afford to speak with her for 5 mins but she was spot on with what she told me. I think I'll call her again in the near future." -DesireeOrne 

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Psychic Readings - The Emotion Link online psychics is a fun experience. If you are a first time callers getting a Psychic Readings online or your third time calling for a psychic reading online will always feel brand new.  The Emotion Link psychics been offering psychic readings for 10 years or more. Quality Psychic Readings on The Emotion Link . The Emotion Link online psychics offers psychic readingslove and relationships readings, career and financial psychic advice, tarot cards readings, medium psychic readings, accurate clairvoyant readings, numerology, love horoscopes, past life  readings, pet psychic readings and much more. 

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