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Reality TV Psychic Reader & Celebrity Psychic. High Accuracy of 98.9% - Mia has been reading for over 15 years. Call and find out what the cards see for you.

Psychic Description
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(“May” is Mia alter ego. When receiving a reading from Mia you will be connecting to May.) 


Mia is an Amazing Psychic reader. Mia is a very gifted tarot card Love & Career reader. Mia has appeared on national television giving and sharing her Psychic Readings/ Tarot card readings. Mia has also read for big time celebrities and on Television. She also have offer her psychic readings for a few non-profit events for charity.

When receiving a reading from Mia you will be connecting to May. May is Mia angel behind the cards. Mia has started reading cards for almost over 20 years but started sharing her gift to the public for over 10 years now. 

Psychic abilities or Tarot card readings do not run in Mias family. But always felt and believe that her grandmother had her own Psychic abilities. Her grandmother never open it up to the world. Even thought Mia never met her beloved grandmother, due to an early passing before she was born. As a child, Mia always believe she felt her grandmother energy even since she was a young girl. Thats when Mia felt and discover the power of Energy.

Mia psychic abilities/ gift started taking over her life in the early stages of High School. Even though she has been reading Tarot card at the early age of 8 years old, she did not discover her visions and Angel voices until her early teen years.

After discovery it took Mia about 5 years to develop, grow and believe in psychic abilities. Once Mia started believing - her life change in front of her very own eyes in minutes.

Mia is able to control. With the power of control, she was able to help others. Mia has reveled so many secrets and helped unlock doors for all different types of people and souls. Mia believes she wouldn't be able to do this without the help of her beloved grandmother.


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*Advisor schedule is not 100% accurate. Advisor schedule is a window to get an idea when this Advisor will be on. Advisor can log in sooner or later.


Date Rated By Rating Comments
04/01/2015 Tyema21     
03/13/2015 sowelu124     
02/02/2015 nancyr423     
12/20/2014 Ayenat123     
12/19/2014 Ayenat123      I spoke with Mia about a week ago and called in for another reading today. She is really good and accurate. She touched on a few things.
08/17/2014 jamielee     
08/06/2014 havelterberg     
08/01/2014 Navarri6      She's the only one I go too and trust.
07/08/2014 Navarri6      She is real deal
07/07/2014 Navarri6     
06/25/2014 bolt      Thank you Mia! You are always dead on.
06/23/2014 bolt      Thank you Mia
06/13/2014 Nadire     
05/12/2014 ctw1966     
04/17/2014 heartkeeper      Very insightful.Knew that I was taking a trip this summer and would be around a body of water. She also knew I was working on writing a book about my life that would be helpful to others that have lost their homes to these to corrupt mortgage companies.She has always been on point and direct with her readings to me.
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